Processing the Distress of the Present Moment

For many of us, if not the vast majority of us, experiencing exponential change with a mind wired for linear processing can be exceptionally disorienting. “Is this the ‘new normal’?” people often ask after yet another mass shooting, act of police brutality, unthinkable election development, or abrupt climate-driven disaster.

We anticipate a looming mass change in consciousness, a psychological tipping point on the horizon, but the next non-linear event seems to erratically toss us into the uncharted waters of our own minds. We struggle to come up for air and process what just happened, until the next explosive typhoon or failed coup flings our consciousness into a new state of  upside-down discomfort.

In a deeply insightful and heartfelt interview with ReliefAnalysis, Lisa White, the creator of the  Walk In the Mud website, offers a lens to begin to process that alien landscape where disorientation and tipping points share an uneasy coexistence. Ms. White describes the spiritual field of Archetypal Astrology, its interconnection to the work of Carl Jung, and an inner and outer cosmology to help put into context current social tensions, worldwide institutions under duress, and what the symbols of blue Arctic Oceans and sine wave-like jet streams may be triggering in our collective unconscious.

Ms. White conveys a message of self-care to the global humanitarian and climate change community, and a need for all of us to “find our center” and get in touch with our triggers. This will help us to be better listeners, communicators, and supporters. In Lisa’s opinion, as climate change continues its rapid acceleration, many of today’s global “optimists” will soon be processing the disorientation that so many of us feel today. Their distress and despair will benefit from the support from us; we can supply that healing support on our own centeredness in this uneasy present moment.

Follow Lisa White on her excellent blog and on SoundCloud.


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