Violent US Weather Pattern: A Formulaic Signal in the Chaos

It is a violent weather pattern shaping up in the US on January 22, 2017, with an “unseasonably” early tornado/severe weather outbreak in the SE US and an atmospheric river coming onshore in California, resembling an El Nino set-up in a La Nina year.


It is also very telling illustration of the formulaic high level patterning of climate disruption fueled by  Arctic Amplification. Per today’s imagery on Climate Reanalyzer, a striking “vomiting” of Arctic warm air anomalies deep into eastern North America appears to be taking place. The Arctic is sitting at +3.76C over baseline at the time of the event. The polar vortex has now slipped over Alaska, with extreme negative temperature anomalies. The jet stream has dipped far to the south, dragging moisture into California and slowing down over the SE US to allow a 990 mb low pressure system to set-up near the tornado outbreak zone.

Reverse engineering patterns of disruption and humanitarian operations based on degrees Celsius above baseline is a topic I had the privilege of discussing with the amazing Carolyn Baker on the New Lifeboat Hour that will be published this week.


I am very excited to shortly debut Season 2 of the ReliefAnalysis podcast. The articulate and insightful Nigerian-American filmmaker Ruka Osoba will join us to discuss her humanitarian film project, Nation of Somewhere

Hat tip to critical ongoing analysis: Paul Beckwith and Jennifer Hynes.



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