Humanitarian Evolution

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my site. My name is Nick, and welcome to ReliefAnalysis. Because I am a practitioner in the disaster management and humanitarian assistance field in the United States, for obvious reasons, I keep this creative work and my professional work fully distinct from each other.

I am of mixed Middle Eastern origin. Although I have only traveled to the region twice,  in 1999 I had an opportunity to interview Kurdish migrants in an extraordinary cultural and geopoltical setting. Since then, I have dedicated my creative and professional pursuits to humanitarianism, broadly defined.

From 2004-2006, I served for a disaster management think tank located in the Pacific Islands. That experienced exposed me to the geopolitical, sustainability, and overall survival of  Pacific Island Nations and cultures, and is a theme you also see commonly in this work.

I have degrees in geography and international relations, and what I studied decades ago is woven into the fabric of this site and my interests.

My fascination with climate change stretches back as far as the late 1980’s as a nine year old child. It was in the library of a small college in the Northeast US (where my parents were professors), that I spent summer mornings photocopying all the articles I could on “global warming” and abrupt climate change–melting ice caps, sea level rise, pressures on our biosphere, and the convergence of climate change and conflict. (My afternoons were spent playing baseball, and evenings watching baseball, before I would wake up the next day and would head straight for journal articles and the 1980s Xerox machine and start again…).

I have a wonderful, extroverted, and very humanitarian wife and two amazing small children. We enjoy my wife’s family’s richly diverse Asian background, and explore the many aspects of our collective branches of DNA amidst a busy life. My son is entering kindergarten loves the weather (especially extreme weather) and has been known to interrupt my podcast interviews and show his various rain gauges and barometers (just ask Episode 2 guest, Jennifer Hynes). My daughter is not yet in pre-school but is a superior engineer to the males in our family, and also is deeply versed in satire. We are primarily Buddhist in outlook, but deeply respect the commonalities of the spiritual traditions that have assembled our collective multi-cultural background.

Thank you so much for visiting my site; I look forward to connecting with you..