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Sexual Violence and the Disaster Cycle

The following post is from longtime ReliefAnalysis supporter and contributor, Joseph P. Conrad. With new disaster zones across the Caribbean and southern US created by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the urgency to protect against sexual-based violence in these volatile … Continue reading

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Eurasia’s Megacity-equivalent Population Explosion Currently Lives in Yemen

It’s very possible that over the next decade, Eurasia is going to add an equivalent in population growth exceeding that of an Istanbul or Cairo-sized megacity from a source greatly underestimated by the security and humanitarian community. That source is … Continue reading

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Curating Healthcare in a Rapidly Changing World

In times of rapid change, the healthcare sector is a microcosm of change in society as a whole. Today, whether it is coping with a new, emergent disease such as Zika, struggling with the social, psychological, and public health dimensions … Continue reading

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Abrupt Climate Change Is About to Transform the Entire Global Humanitarian Community

“My message to the Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Community is that we are not in a steady state right now.” This is the perspective of Paul Beckwith, a Part-time Professor of Climatology at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, … Continue reading

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