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Arctic Cruise Missiles and the Methane Hydrate Bonanza

The airspace over Syria is getting crowded. Two weeks ago, a Russian fighter executed a barrel role over a US tanker aircraft, prompting a Russian apology on the re-established air space hotline. The Middle East airspace radar looks like an … Continue reading

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The Food System’s Invisible Workforce

When we discuss the fragility of the global food system, we often focus on stressors such as a rapidly changing climate and a petroleum-dependent supply chain. But, as Leanne Simon, the Executive Director of the organization Zomppa vividly describes, there … Continue reading

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Dropping Anchor in an Exponential World

Kevin Hester’s unique journey has led him to the conclusion that we are perilously close to the extinction of all complex life on the planet. It is a passage that has encompassed a career of heartfelt activism in his native … Continue reading

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