Welcome to ReliefAnalysis. This site is an exploration of humanitarian trends that are evolving in an ever-rapid, exponential manner. Against a common denominator of abrupt climate change, fields such as disaster management, consequence analysis, ecology, psychology, and spirituality face the prospect of change so significant and sudden that the human brain has trouble conceptualizing the true gravity of our situation.

Anchored around a monthly podcast series, topics covered range from the explosive consequences of an ice-free Arctic “Blue Ocean Event” and methane releases, to social justice issues centered around mass migration on the Mediterranean high seas, to the unnoticed blood, sweat, and tears that underpin our carbon-fueled global agriculutral supply chain.

As events continue to evolve exponentially, future guests and analysis will cover a wide spectrum of voices and perspectives, to help provide context as our collective frame of reference will be challenged to keep up.

Please note that this site is under development, and is under migration from my previous site, ReliefAnalysis.com. Check back often as new content is added in the coming months.

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