Under the coaching and generous, brilliant guidance of David Korn, the Relief Analysis podcast develops a story episode arc, transitions to SoundCloud, and the website transitions to WordPress.

Subsequent guests include Jennifer Hynes, Kevin Hester, Rick Ganotta, Robert Young Pelton, and Francesco Femia.

Interviewed by Extinction Radio, Ep 53, March 25, 2016.

Rain on North Pole.

Oxfam declares 2016 as a year of “unprecedented humanitarian strain” due to Syria and El Nino.

Prospects of a Blue Ocean Event mount in near/medium term future.


Focus shifts to the nexus between disaster management and humanitarian assistance and abrupt climate change.

First official Relief Analysis podcast interviews Paul Beckwith.


Focus on digital divide issues, and the role of technology in developing world complex emergencies. First demo podcast as on disaster issues is reviewed positively promoted by World of Radio, which is heard over the internet as well as international shortwave radio bands, focusing on the devastation of Vanuatu by Cyclone Pam.


Cross-post on the role of climate in the Syrian complex emergency results in a special invitation from to attend a global NGO summit in Washington, DC.

Articles appear as cross-posts on, the Huffington Post, Oxfam Australia and New Zealand, and are linked to by the Brookings Institute in Foreign Policy Magazine.


Melting Glacier Analytics becomes ReliefAnalysis and begins publishing with cross-post partners including EurAsiaNet, The Center for Climate and Security, Environmental Graffiti, and


Melting Glacier Analytics partners with NGO Plan-It-Now to provide a Disaster Risk Reduction Curriculum to a Haitian grassroots NGO for direct use with rural populations.


Devastating Haiti earthquake.

Melting Glacier Analytics supports Haitian NGOs with in-kind editorial support on fundraising efforts.


The Melting Glacier becomes Melting Glacier Analytics, a collaboration of subject matter experts focusing on emerging humanitarian issues.

Supports fundraising efforts of the National Association of Asian American Professionals following deadly typhoons in the Philippines and Viet Nam, as well as an earthquake in Indonesia.


After transitioning to the disaster management profession in the United States, The Melting Glacier continues to focus on humanitarian and social justice issues in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Basins.


Hurricanes Katrina and Rita mark a devastating hyperactive Atlantic Hurricane Season.

While serving for a disaster management think tank in the Pacific Islands, the blog The Melting Glacier is launched covering climate change, the fall out of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, and the hyperactive 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season.


Before ReliefAnalysis and its predecessors are conceived, I live and work in the Pacific Islands, working for a disaster management think tank.


Work on refugee resettlement issues in the US.


Graduate MA on Middle East international security doctrine, with a focus on humanitarian-related issues.


Fieldwork in Middle East focusing on Kurdish migration patterns.

BA focusing on geography, climate change, conflict and Middle East humanitarian issues.


First college paper focuses on implications of sea level rise on Bangladesh.


I receive a personal written letter from the late Carl Sagan regarding I paper I authored on climate change, environmental degradation, and conflict.


As an 11 year old, I research abrupt climate change and potential solutions in a college library during summer mornings, play baseball in afternoons, and watch baseball in evenings.


Born in northeast US, of Middle Eastern and American heritage.